Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's a Steal !!!

There is this special feeling when you step into a secondhand bookstore. For book lovers like me, a secondhand bookstore is like a treasure trove, full of surprises whereby you will not know what books you may find and also what unique contents that are in those books that were sold off (Example: special messages and notes).

So, last Saturday, I took the chance of visiting one secondhand bookstore in Chowrasta market as I was nearby the area. There were so many books, I did not really have the time to look through every single one of them. There were old and new books lying everywhere. The "old" books weren't so old and they were still in good condition. I saw books by Cecelia Ahern, Stephen King, Dan Brown, Jodi Picoult and so many other fictional novel authors that I loved so much.

Anyway, after searching for roughly 45 minutes, I ended up with these two books, Stephen King's Cujo and Dorothy Koomson's The Chocolate Run.

It was a steal!! Two books for the price of RM28 and they were in good condition. After I am done with them, I plan to go back for a second bargain. This time I am aiming for Dan Brown's Digital Fortress. XD